Message from Principal's Desk


Industrial Training Institute, Bhawanipatna a premier, leading technical institution established in the year 1962 and the staff members are committed to develop the skill of training by the practice and knowledge. We have a mission to produce skilled, committed and talented technicians to contribute for the shake of Nation. A building which leads to prosperity and development. Skill is the strength of technician and It’s improvement leads to industry growth. Everybody has talent, Its just a matter of moving around until you have discovered what is.

The institution has a vision of educational transformation in keeping pace with latest technology and Industrial growth. The vocational training system in the country need substutional growth with quality and multi skill approach so that mismatch between the skill in demand and skill at the source are reduced.

The measures taken by Govt. of India, Ministry of labour and employment for upgrading the ITI, Bhawanipatna into center of excellence is praise worthy at the present juncture of Industrialization the basic objective of the programme is to produce multi skill work force of the world class Standard. It is the responsibility of the industries and other stake holders to actively participate at all stages of the training programme so that the bottle neck can be reduced the end product will set a goal.

With best wishes
Mr. Ashok Kumar Mishra